frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about our services.  If you have any questions that you need further help with, please call us at (708)586-9608.

General questions
As therapists, we are not legally allowed to prescribe medications. However, based on a joint assessment of problems you are facing, it may be advisable to consult with a psychiatrist to determine whether medication is warranted. Typically, clients see someone under their health insurance coverage or we can refer you to a psychiatrist. If you do begin taking medication; your therapist, with your written permission, can collaborate with your psychiatrist to design a plan of treatment most appropriate for you.
The first session will be roughly 1 hour long. You will have some paperwork to fill out so it is suggested to arrive 15 minute early. The paperwork may also be accessed on the website. Please bring a copy of your driver’s license, credit card and insurance card. The subsequent sessions will be roughly 45 -60 minutes in length.

The length of time in therapy largely depends on the nature of the presenting problem. Some individuals have a very specific problem that can be worked through in a course of brief therapy. Other individuals see therapy as an on-going learning process and choose to be involved in therapy for a longer period.
Our staff will call your insurance and verify your benefits prior to you scheduling an appointment, this way you know what your financial obligations are before your initial appointment.

You can leave a voicemail on our office phone number (708)586-9608 and someone will return your call within 24-48 hours. If this is a matter of emergency please call 911 or your local crisis line.  Here are the web sites and contact phone numbers for each:

DuPage County Crisis Line: https://www.dupagehealth.org/access-and-crisis-center   (630) 627-1700
Will & Grundy County Crisis Line: http://www.willfinduhelp.org/  (815) 722-3344
Kane County Crisis Line: http://www.kanecountymentalhealth.org/members/suicide-prevention-services/  (630)482-9696
Illinois Suicide Hotline: http://www.suicide.org/hotlines/illinois-suicide-hotlines.html  (217) 222-1166

If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment please notify us at least 24 hours in advance so we can accommodate other individuals. The cancellation fee for the appointments will be $60.00 Please be advised insurance companies, probation departments, and employee assistance programs will not reimburse for the missed session so this will be your sole responsibility.
  • We bill the insurance company directly for you which means no added paperwork for you.
  • Payments can be made via cash, check, and/or HSA/FSA/HRA/Debit or credit cards. Payment is due at time of session.
  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield-PPO
  • United Behavioral Health
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • EAP (Morneau Shepell, Cigna, Optum, ERS, Cura Linc, Perspectives)
Individual Therapy
  • Initial Phone Consultation (15 minutes): Complimentary
  • Anger Management Assessment
  • Anger Management Sessions 
  • Intake/Assessment (60 minutes)
  • Psychotherapy session (60 minutes)
  • Psychotherapy session (45 minutes)
  • Longer sessions available as appropriate to your treatment goals at an adjusted rate.
Couples & Family Therapy
  • Intake/Assessment (60 minutes)
  • Psychotherapy session (60 minutes)
Other services (not covered by insurance)
  • Phone contact over 15 minutes
  • Late Cancellation/Missed Appointments: $60
  • Reports/Letters
  • Depositions 1 hour (may vary depending on travel etc.)
DUI Services
  • DUI Evaluations
  • Non-DUI Evaluation
  • (Substance Abuse Professional Services) DOT Evaluation & Follow-up
  • Minimum (Risk Education)(4) 3 hour sessions
  • Moderate: 10 hours rist Ed & 12 hours treatment
  • Significant:  10 hours risk education, 20 hours treatment & 6 months aftercare
  • High Risk:  75 hours of treatment and 12 months of aftercare
  • Aftercare: once a month 1-2 hour session
  • Denial Letters (informal)
  • Denial Letters (formal)
  • Late Cancellation/Missed Appointment: $60
  • Paperwork fee (Reports/Letters) (Varies due to the content/time of the paperwork)
  • Admission Criteria: Maintain sobriety, submit to urine screens as requested, as well as attend required sessions.
  • Involuntary Disqualification from program: Failure to maintain sobriety, failure to attend sessions, refusal to submit to urine screens, disruptive/disrespectful attitude towards staff and other program participants.
  • Client responsibility: Attend scheduled sessions, maintain sobriety, participate in group/individual sessions, be respectful to peers and staff, and submit to drug screens when required.
  • Sliding Scale: Call for more info
  • Cash, Mastercard or Visa. Checks are not accepted.
  • If your insurance is not listed there may be out-of-network benefits offered by your provider. We can call to verify this information for you. Self-pay is an option and we can provide a superbill to the client so they can seek direct reimbursement from their insurance provider. The benefits from self-pay are there are no restrictions placed by an insurance provider like who you are able to work with and some people prefer to avoid having a mental health diagnosis in their medical records.
  • Mental Wellness is priceless.