DUI Services

Risk Education & Evaluations

Purposeful Life Counseling & DUI Services offers programs and evaluations that are compliant with Illinois Court Ordered DUI programs. 


Dr. Denton is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, as well as a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and Certified Anger Management Trainer.

I feel an important factor to success is building a safe environment and trusting relationship between the counselor and client. I believe every client deserves quality and adequate services.

As a skilled Counselor, Educator and Coach, I provide individual, family, couples, and marital coaching sessions in an empowering environment where clients can feel safe and secure as they work toward achieving their goals.

DUI Services & Rates

  • DUI Evaluations: $200
  • Non-DUI Evaluation: $170
  • (Substance Abuse Professional Services) DOT Evaluation & Follow-up: $500
  • Minimum (Risk Education): $380 (4) 3 hour sessions
  • Moderate: $700 10 hours rist Ed & 12 hours treatment
  • Significant: $900 10 hours risk education, 20 hours treatment & 6 months aftercare
  • High Risk: $1600 75 hours of treatment and 12 months of aftercare
  • Aftercare: $50 once a month 1-2 hour session
  • Denial Letters (informal): $150
  • Denial Letters (formal): $175
  • Late Cancellation/Missed Appointment: $60
  • Paperwork fee (Reports/Letters): $50 (Varies due to the content/time of the paperwork)
  • Admission Criteria: Maintain sobriety, submit to urine screens as requested, as well as attend required sessions.
  • Involuntary Disqualification from program: Failure to maintain sobriety, failure to attend sessions, refusal to submit to urine screens, disruptive/disrespectful attitude towards staff and other program participants.
  • Client responsibility: Attend scheduled sessions, maintain sobriety, participate in group/individual sessions, be respectful to peers and staff, and submit to drug screens when required.
  • Sliding Scale: Call for more info